There's no better way to celebrate a forty-year long career than with the release of a new album, even though you might recall your first stage appearance as a young shaver struggling with a freebie drum set.
Paolo has done it with "New Crash", his third album as a band leader, injecting new blood into the swinging sound of the “Paolo Mizzau and the Doctor Love Band”.

“You guys played some good blues”, stated Bob Margolin, who performs the killer slide guitar part on the opening track “Blues No.”

With Matteo Titotto--who is also co-author of the music--on the guitar, Simone Serafini on the bass and Andrea Pivetta on the drums, the sound of the Doctor Love Band is a force to be reckoned with in the prolific European Blues scene.
Paolo’s career had a valuable start in the Eighties as a founding member of “Bluesology”, at that time one of the most popular bands of Northern Italy.
With his subsequent band, the “Bluesheads”, he has released “High Electricity” (2000), receiving excellent reviews by specialized press and appearing at the famed “Pistoia Blues Festival”.

He founded “The Doctor Love Band” in 1996, with the idea of revisiting the West Coast sound of the Jump-Blues genre.

“Jump Or Stay” (2006), the band's second album, highlights Paolo's personal interpretation of the Swing-Blues sound, with majestic arrangements by Cesare Coletti and appearances by good friends and valued musicians such as Mike Sponza, Enrico Crivellaro, Michele Bonivento, Luca Grizzo.

“New Crash” (2013) is the natural progression of his music and a turning point. It is a step ahead, while looking back at the Blues tradition.

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